Carmel Road Pinot Noir

2014 First Row Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir

The slightest differences in clonal composition and terroir can have a terrific impact on Monterey Pinot Noir, yet the essentials remain. The wines are bright, crisp and silky, with a perfumed fragrance leading to complex flavors ranging from cherry pie filling to rhubarbs, pomegranates and dusty brown spices, all accented by smoky oak.

First Row Pinot Noir
First Row
  • Pinot Noir
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This wine is sourced from a single vineyard block situated on the subtly sloping vineyard floor, where the first row of the block acts as a wind break, protecting the rest of the rows from the force of Monterey's fierce afternoon winds. This Pinot Noir is flush with flavors and aromas of black cherries and baking spice with a strikingly rich, textural mouthfeel.