Our Wines

Carmel Road produces three varietals: Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Riesling. These wines thrive in areas where the temperature doesn’t get too hot during the day, and falls off rapidly at night. In fact, Monterey’s weather would be too hot for these cool-climate grape varieties were it not for the maritime influence from Monterey Bay.

Carmel Road Wines

Bottle Shot Monterey Pinot Noir
2017 Monterey
Pinot Noir
66904273-C2D7-457B-82B7-82E0F5D78F3C 66904273-C2D7-457B-82B7-82E0F5D78F3C
Panorama Pinot Noir
2014 Panorama
Pinot Noir
5701D7F9-1B6F-47E1-BFDD-9D694C87E4AF 5701D7F9-1B6F-47E1-BFDD-9D694C87E4AF
First Row Pinot Noir
2015 First Row
Pinot Noir
0E1FC889-DEF3-462A-8484-FC4549B740AC 0E1FC889-DEF3-462A-8484-FC4549B740AC
North Crest Pinot Noir
2014 North Crest
Pinot Noir
CEAFE093-4A79-4D36-BAE0-4B056DF6DE60 CEAFE093-4A79-4D36-BAE0-4B056DF6DE60
Monterey Chardonnay
2018 Monterey
1129BA86-37C6-4E3F-AE56-40462ED1241E 1129BA86-37C6-4E3F-AE56-40462ED1241E
East Bend Chardonnay
2015 East Bend
849F347F-5566-4612-835E-F60DD59D9BEE 849F347F-5566-4612-835E-F60DD59D9BEE
2015 West Bend Chardonnay
2015 West Bend
081D409C-E8E6-4579-9F67-233FE8FD19D0 081D409C-E8E6-4579-9F67-233FE8FD19D0